Center for Mediation and Counseling

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Mediation and Counseling

Creating Connections Together

Jerri Curry Ph.D, MFT, RAS, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

If you are facing serious struggles and heartache in separation experiences and need support in possible choices, the Center for Mediation and Counseling in Benicia, California can help. We provide you with information and support to identify choices that may lead to a fair and just resolution for you and those in your life.

Communication patterns, separation through poor choices or beyond control and difficult relationship dynamics contribute to many of life’s challenges. How we approach our differences with others can reflect a lack of compassion or demonstrate genuine human kindness. Separation is the hardest lesson in life and with each separation we experience, there is an opportunity to grow and be the best we can be.

If you are engaged in any of the following challenges there may be a positive outcome if there is clear intention, focus and motivation:

  1. Child custody agreements 
  2. Couple counseling
  3. Death of a loved one 
  4. Developmental life stages 

  • Divorce resolution
  • Drug and alcohol addiction 
  • Employment conflicts 
  • Landlord-tenant conflicts

  • Multi-generational family adjustments
  • Neighbor disputes
  • Traumatic brain injury counseling

We also serve as forensic consultants for private and public companies and government agencies. We offer workshops for groups, families, businesses and mental health and medical professionals with emphasis on problem solving through positive communications and resolution outcomes.