Center for Mediation and Counseling

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Our Credentials and Counseling Methodology

Our Credentials

If you are engaged in any challenges, we can help you achieve a positive outcome. Center for Mediation and Counseling in Benicia, California founder Jerri Curry is licensed and holds credentials in several discipline areas.

  • Ph.D, MFT, RAS, Licensed Clinical Psychologist #PSY27385

  • Former Director of Public Affairs for a San Francisco-based real estate corporation. Licensed real estate broker #01336656

  • Author of nine children’s books with the main title A Storybook for Adults and Other Children.

  • Licensed Marriage, Family, Child Counselor #19776

  • Registered Addiction Specialist, certified with supervisor credentials #C0909211108

  • Child custody and family conflict resolution expert

  • Author of I Believe in Angels

  • Authored Curriculum Standards for Child Safety issues in public schools and Families in Transition mediation skills manual

  • Community and criminal justice work for 10 years with specific work with the mentally ill, developmentally delayed and dual diagnosis clients and family systems

  • Consultant and trainer for the United States Department of Justice OJJDP. Provided strategic plans and ADR skills training to community and government agencies

  • Former consultant to a governor in establishing new state agency. Selected to be a special assistant to a U.S. senator. Served as the western states coordinator for a national political party. Served as an advocate for missing and exploited children’s group

Training and Counseling Methodology

Training and counseling sessions may include the following self-exploration opportunities:

  • Become realistic about your strengths and limitations and recognize the difference. 

  • Bring authenticity in to your consciousness and experience your truth. 

  • Change behaviors that reflect power struggles that do not work for you.

  • Creating the connections you want through visualization, as well as experiential exercises in identifying and role playing your unique communication and cognitive patterns. 

  • Develop an understanding and acceptance of the separations you have experienced and be willing to create connections through compassionate consciousness in your life.

  • Gain or reinforce insight to recognize how your behavior may impact others.

  • Learn to develop clear intention.

  • Recognize your skills in negotiation in family and business matters.

Our Fees

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Group Session:
  $20.00/Per Participant
Individual, Couple or Family Therapy:
ADR Mediation:
Forensic Evaluations:

Insurance and credit cards are accepted.